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Toco board: assembled building tomorrow star, Shenzhen exhibition shine brilliantly.

Issuing time:2018-09-18 18:37Source:Toco

September 18, 2018, although Shenzhen has just experienced typhoon "mangosteen" baptism, but the rampant typhoon also can not prevent the "2018 assembly building development international (Shenzhen) Summit Forum and boutique exhibition" grand held, as a special invited exhibition unit - carbon song new material, in this summit forum, brilliant, no Only won the unanimous praise of experts from all over the world in the field of architecture, but also aroused the great concern of people from all walks of life inside and outside the industry. The success of this summit forum exhibition is not only an opportunity for us to show ourselves, but also an affirmation of Carbon Singers'hard work. It is also the Carbon Singing Company that has been working hard for years to witness the summit forum. Created by the rainbow. More than 1000 experts from Singapore, the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions, as well as well as well as well-known real estate developers, outstanding developers in Shenzhen, and colleagues in the assembly construction industry participated in the summit forum.


Address by director Liao Jiangling of Guangdong Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development


Speech by deputy director of Shenzhen housing and Construction Bureau, Gao Er Jian


Lu Rongxiu, President of Shenzhen construction Industrialization Association, delivered a speech.


Liu Jian, Chief Executive Engineer of Shenzhen branch of the Chinese Academy of Building Research


Leaders and experts gathered in the field of assembly construction.

Since its establishment in 2003, Shenzhen Construction Industrialization Association has built a bridge between the government and enterprises, which has an irreplaceable role. Nowadays, Shenzhen Construction Industrialization Association has become one of the longest-established and most influential associations in the field of construction industrialization in China. The summit forum, experts from different fields on the current assembly building industrialization market depth analysis - assembly building as a fundamental subversion of the way of construction, the first is the existing split link of the coordination and reconstruction, technology, management forward. "Integration" is the current stage to crack the project practice process design, production, transportation, construction, decoration, operation and maintenance, and other links in the meaning of the split, especially in the assembly of building and engineering contracting (EPC), building information model (BIM) "one body two wings" deep integration development trend, how based on the new Management mode and technical means to achieve "integrated management", "integrated design", "integrated and interpenetrating water-based construction", "integrated decoration", "mechatronics" and so on, so as to achieve the process, all professions, all links of synergy, truly ensure management efficiency, quality improvement, cost control. At the same time, it is a brand-new and important subject for the development of assembly architecture in the new period to provide the carrier for the real landing of EPC and BIM.


Marketing Center Lin General manager


Host Zhao Ruonan

(TOCO song company marketing center staff)

Carbon song new material products, is the new force of assembly building materials, since its inception, Carbon song company is committed to industrial solid waste treatment and energy-saving environmental protection building materials research and development, Carbon song research and development of "foamed ceramic partition board", solid waste utilization rate of more than 90%, the product through the national authoritative body testing, access to national invention patent And green building materials certification, with heat preservation and energy-saving, waterproof and moisture-proof, A1 class fire protection, sound insulation, non-thermal performance decline, simple construction, rapid installation and other 20 advantages. The product chain has covered the internal and external walls of the whole building body, and it is the environmental protection building materials product of the whole industrial chain of building decoration integration. It not only meets the needs of today's building materials market, but also conforms to the national policy of low carbon environmental protection. It is the "leader" in the field of foamed ceramic building materials.

Practice shows that, with the in-depth advancement of assembly building, assembly building projects into a new stage of large-scale development, a new way of construction furnace chain practitioners put forward new requirements, a new project has brought a new combination of man-machine materials, put forward higher management requirements. In this process, how to achieve the dual transformation of management and technology to ensure that the project site efficient and orderly, technical control in place, risk aversion in advance. On the one hand, we need to comprehensively enhance the capacity building of industrial chain team, on the other hand, we also need more successful cases to bring inspiration and lessons from the industry accumulation. Carbon song enterprises are well aware that the development of assembly building materials is a progressive road, market-oriented first to solve the problem is the structural safety of building materials themselves, so Carbon song through technological breakthroughs to foam ceramic insulation panels from a special field extended to millions of households can use foam ceramic partition panels, at the same time through After a series of scientific experiments and certification, the "Carbon Song Foamed Ceramic Thermal Insulation Partition Wall Bar Atlas" was jointly compiled with China Architectural Standards Design and Research Institute, and the "Technical Regulations for the Application of Foamed Ceramic Thermal Insulation Plates" was jointly compiled with the Chinese Academy of Architectural Sciences, which made the products of Carbon Song a Materials were finally recognized by the vast market. Carbon song company's products have been widely used in commercial residential system, commercial office system, urban rail transit system, ancient building maintenance and construction system, Hotel system, medical education system, vacation convalescent system, special field system. The full coverage of the whole building system has been realized, which not only provides "100-year building materials" for the "100-year building" initiated by the state, but also contributes to the global environmental protection production and application of energy saving.


TOCO  song company boutique exhibition booth

Carbon song executives attached great importance to the forum, not only exhibited the company's core products - foamed ceramic partitions, but also exhibited beautifully carved foamed ceramic components and artistic lines, Carbon song company assigned sales staff and technical engineers to explain patiently the product process and installation and many other issues It provides a solution for customers' pain points. Highly praised by visitors. Carbon song foamed ceramic partition board is a kind of real assembly building environmental protection material. Through the experiment of products in the exhibition booth, the customers can experience the superior waterproof, high strength, rapid installation, crack resistance, fire prevention, sound insulation performance of Carbon song products. At the same time, the differences between similar products can be compared. This is also one of the reasons why carbon songs can shine brilliantly in this summit exhibition.




Carbon Ge booth visits customers


Seriously study the customers of carbon songs products.

During the rest of the forum, the president of the association personally led a group of leaders and experts to the carbon song company booth to visit and guide, President Lu not only praised the carbon song company's products are good products, but also vigorously to promote the carbon song company's production of foamed ceramic partition panels.


Lu will be longer than carbon song booth.


President Lu personally introduced carbon songs to people from all walks of life.


Industry experts Tour


Zhang Daming, general manager of Huasen design, inspects carbon song products.


Mr. Tsuji Naoki, design director of Vanke's former field

Mr. Takeshi, the design director of Vanke Maeda and a Japanese architectural designer, visited Carbon Gear's booth and said that Carbon Gear's products are well suited to the architectural design needs of the earthquake zone in Southeast Asia, and that it can play the role of "bead union" with steel structures, Mr. Takeshi said. We will introduce the products of carbon song company to the Japanese counterparts in the field of architectural design.


Marketing Center General manager of Lin Explain products in person

On the day of the end of the forum and the exhibition, the host sent a very careful stand to send the exhibitors the blessing of the Mid-Autumn Festival in advance. The organizers demonstrated their strong organizational ability in this forum, and made this summit forum an interactive platform of "mutual benefit, equal exchange". During the forum, the organizers provided a lot of convenience and humanistic care for the exhibitors, so that the forum became a warm and harmonious "big family", in this carbon song company also expressed sincere thanks to the organizers!


Leaders of the association send holiday blessings.


Photos of all leaders and experts attending the NPC