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TOCO song new material two line kiln ignition success, foam ceramic wallboard leader far ahead!

Issuing time:2018-08-12 18:28Source:Toco

On the morning of August 12, the ignition ceremony of the second production line of Guangxi Carbon Ge Environmental Protection New Material Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Tengxian Ceramic Industrial Park. Leaders of Wuzhou Tengxian government, ceramic association, carbon song company shareholders, managing director Liu Bin, managing director Liu Fan, deputy general manager Gao Zhanghai, deputy general manager Lin Cheng, and outstanding dealer representatives attended the ignition ceremony, opening a new chapter for new carbon song materials.


Group photo of shareholders and county leaders

On the day of the event, Liu Bin, managing director of Carbon Song Company, together with the shareholders and senior management team of the company, as well as the leadership of Wuzhou Tengxian government and ceramic association, held a grand ignition ceremony of the No. 2 line kiln amid the sound of firecrackers. This is the next big feat after the bumper harvest in 2017, Carbon song new material through the grinding forward, pioneering and innovative, marking the Carbon song company will enter a new stage.


Chen, general manager of carbon song company, signed in.


Ignition ceremony site

Carbon song company, as the first high-tech enterprise to invent foamed ceramic wallboard, has mastered the core technology of foamed ceramics and patent technology of invention. It is hoped that Carbon song company will take the second production line as a new development opportunity and take the production base of Guangxi Tengxian as the example. Starting point, the national layout of production bases, in response to the call of the state, for China's assembly building to provide better foamed ceramic wallboard, while making greater contributions to environmental protection in Wuzhou Tengxian County, Guangxi. Mr. Gao Zhanghai, deputy general manager of Carbon Song Company, delivered a speech at the ignition ceremony. He said that Carbon Song New Material Company has always adhered to the core concept of "environment, energy conservation, the future". This time, the second production line of Furnace Technology was put into use in Fujian Tengxian Base of Guangxi, showing that Carbon Song Company has put into use the assembled building panel material roof. The vigorous development of the tremendous vitality, the realization of research and development and production of innovative upgrades, which will lay the foundation for new materials in the future market competition in the carbon song leader.


County leaders inspect production lines

It is reported that since 2014, Carbon Ge Company has been committed to the standardization of foamed ceramic building application system, after more than two years of demonstration and research. Carbon song new material won the so-called "China Industrial Oscar": the 16th China International Industrial Exposition silver medal, the same year won the honor of South China only two enterprises: Huawei and Carbon song. In 2016, the Science and Technology Development Center of the Ministry of Housing and Urban and Rural Construction evaluated the scientific and technological achievements of new materials of carbon song, and confirmed that carbon song foamed ceramic wallboard technology is leading, reaching the international advanced level. Carbon song new material in 2018 won the first "foamed ceramic insulation partition board" as a product category of three-star "green building materials evaluation and identification certificate. In November 2017, Carbon Ge, in conjunction with CECS of China Academy of Architectural Sciences, compiled and promulgated the Technical Regulations for Foamed Ceramic Thermal Insulation Board, which includes foamed ceramic thermal insulation board, wallboard, integral board and other foamed ceramic product standards. The special Atlas of "Carbon song foamed ceramic insulation partition board" compiled by China Institute of Architectural Standards has also been successfully completed. The introduction of these two standards promotes the development of foam ceramic partition board in the main body wall system of the building. Carbon song also actively promotes the development of foamed ceramics industry. At the founding meeting of foamed ceramics Working Committee of China Building Energy Conservation Association in 2017, everyone unanimously elected Carbon song Company as the first president unit of China foamed ceramics industry committee. We hope Carbon song Company will continue to make greater contributions to the foamed ceramics industry.


Welcome speech by general manager of carbon song company


Speech by the leader of the Tengxian government


Dealer representative general


TOCO marketing center, general manager Lin  make a statement


Ceramic tube committee leader delivers speech

Foamed ceramic partition board, as the core component of assembly building, will usher in new market development opportunities. Over the past year, carbon song foam ceramic wall panels have shown a good momentum of development. Carbon song in 2017 has achieved good market performance, and is recognized by the mainstream assembly building market, especially by Vanke, Cinnamon, Poly Real Estate, Guangzhou Metro, Wanda and other building wall system in full use.


Scene of kiln worship ceremony

12.jpgScene of kiln ignition ceremony

2018 is a new year for Carbon Ge. Carbon Ge Company has made great achievements in marketing, and the market once showed a shortage of foam ceramic wallboard. In order to solve the huge demand of the market, Carbon Ge Company solves the production capacity problem through the advanced kiln technology of Line 2, then strengthens the upgrading quality management procedure, improves the product quality, and provides the best quality foamed ceramic wallboard for the market and customers.

Carbon song company actively responds to the national policy, adheres to the mission of "environment, energy conservation, the future", and firmly develops the pace of innovation, so that carbon song foamed ceramic wallboard becomes the "pioneer" of assembly building materials industry. Carbon song company 2 production line ignition successfully put into production in 2018, marking a new chapter in the new materials of Carbon song enterprises, indicating that Carbon song as a leader in foamed ceramic wallboard will be far ahead.


Photo of "carbon singer"