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Coorganized by the 2014 and the fourth energy saving and emission reduction Exhibition

Issuing time:2014-12-19 17:37Source:TOCO

December 19, 2014 -21, China Investment Association, the national response to climate change strategy research and international cooperation center, the autonomous region to address climate change and energy conservation and emission reduction, autonomous regional development and Reform Commission, the Municipal People's Government in Guilin City, the joint energy management promotion training and the fourth session of the energy-saving emission reduction new products.

TOCO as the main organizer of the new material to attend this exhibition. At the opening ceremony, song carbon is chairman of the new material He Zaixiang to create Guangxi, the benefit of the world "as the theme: the passionate speech. Where the chairman stressed that the scientific and technological innovation, energy saving is not only a concept, but reflected in the scientific and technological product development and application convenience." He focuses on the carbon song "environment, energy saving and the future" concept of enterprise development and song carbon products in the treatment of industrial pollution and the construction of energy-saving reduction carbon benefits the country and the important significance. He issued a call: "there are ancient poem said: 'the green trees safflower complements, green mountains and blue waters were neighbors', we and the green trees safflower neighbors, we and the mountains, and the natural beauty of the harmonious coexistence is common dream of us for a long time, from the bottom of my heart. Let us join hands to create a more brilliant interpretation of Guangxi! As the sky bluer, more green to make our due contribution to the history of Qing dynasty!"

The theme of this exhibition is "to join the energy-saving low carbon, build a blue sky", the song carbon new material exhibited energy-saving building materials "Song carbon light ceramic insulation wall" as the focus of this exhibition promotion products by at all levels of government leadership and Department of energy, real estate developers are highly valued. Guangxi autonomous region development and Reform Commission deputy director Pan Wenfeng, vice mayor of Guilin Fan Xinhong and Guilin City, the Construction Bureau of the leadership personally to the carbon song booth to visit, and put forward constructive guidance. Carbon song in this exhibition as a key to promote enterprises, the district development and Reform Commission in the organization's 2014 new product new technology promotion will be a grand promotion. During the exhibition, Fan Xinhong, vice mayor of the city of Guilin held a forum of entrepreneurs, Fan Xinhong, chairman of the new board of carbon song in the forum and the mayor and the entrepreneurs of the participating entrepreneurs to carry out a wide range of exchanges and dialogue. This exhibition is a carbon song wall in Guilin, the national low-carbon pilot cities bypass paving, and achieved substantial results, and the Guilin municipal government departments and real estate developers, design institutes and other units to reach a strategic cooperation agreement, is a new low-carbon energy saving product promotion strategy important part.

Co organized by the 2014 and the fourth energy saving and emission reduction Exhibition