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Tenth Chinese and foreign green habitat Forum

Issuing time:2014-06-20 17:28Source:TOCO

December 7, 2013, sponsored by the national development and Reform Commission and the international cooperation center, the United Nations UNEP (UNEP), China Merchants Group, real estate investment hosted theme is "green eco home town" the tenth Chinese and foreign green residential forum in the Hilton Hotel and the South China Sea, Shekou, Shenzhen held.

Chinese international cooperation and exchange center, vice chairman of the Organizing Committee of the forum, Chinese and foreign green residential director Wei Jianguo, the United Nations Environment Programme on sustainable consumption and production director Arab Hoballa, the United Nations World City Sports Committee Chairman Nicholas You, President of China Merchants Group Chairman Lin Shaobin, red Li Jian real Estate Investment Canada Vancouver city councillor Andrea Reimer, the world Green Building Council Secretary Nellie Cheng, the union real estate chamber of Commerce founding president Nie Meisheng, the Ministry of housing and Urban Institute Vice President, China international city development strategy research committee deputy director Zhang Qingfeng, Ministry of housing and urban rural construction technology and Industrial Development Center deputy director Liang Junqiang, former Guangdong Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee and State Councilor Chen Zhiquan, director of environmental and Resources Protection Committee of urban construction development and Reform Commission International Cooperation Center Executive Director Guo Ninglin, China Merchants Group real estate department general manager Hu Yong, deputy general manager of China Merchants capital, Yang 100 full Union Real Estate Chamber of Commerce vice president Zhang Xuezhou nearly 100 all levels of government leaders, industry representatives, experts and scholars at home and abroad, NGO scholar, as well as carbon materials as the new song the representative of the domestic dozens of well-known enterprises , Beijing, Qingdao, Shenzhen and other cities in the management of the department heads attended the forum.

As a new type of green environmental protection enterprises have been invited to participate in the forum, the new green environmental protection idea and product display of carbon song in this forum has been widely concerned and affirmed by domestic and foreign experts and scholars. Song carbon is chairman of the new material He Zaixiang personally headed to participate in the forum, the planning department director Yu Qinhai, attended the forum Secretary of sales and service Feng Zhenghao. What is the chairman of the forum with the vast number of experts and scholars on the operation, development, marketing and development of the green industry. Academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, Tsinghua University School of architecture, Ph.D. Professor Jiang billion on carbon song new material of environmental protection technology and operation philosophy made highly positive in and what sensible conducted in-depth exchanges proposed constructive suggestions and broader development ideas. Ms. Katherine, President of BEYOND, Germany, is convinced that our products are not only a wide range of domestic market demand, but also can be highly recognized by the European and American markets, in the global environment and climate continues to deteriorate today, many domestic and foreign enterprises and entrepreneurs are concerned about environmental protection industry. Ms. Katherine said, she also is affected by European merchants commissioned, in China for industrial solid waste as the raw material of building materials enterprises as a strategic partner, after the forum will further with our consistent on cooperation.

Tenth Chinese and foreign green habitat Forum