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Toco new material

Marketing center:  68 jihua west road,chancheng district, Foshan city .



Production base:Tengxian Zhonghe Centralized District,WuZhou Ceramic Industrial Park,Guangxi



Joining condition

TOCO Encironmental Protection to join the condition

It must be a legal person or natural person independent legal liability.

They have their own work team and fixed office

It has a certain economic base and market development perspective;

The identification with company's business philosophy, willing to comply with the regulations, guidance and supervision.

We have certain ability of organization and management;

Have a good reputation, have a sense of social responsibility;

We can devote to management;

We have corresponding capital investment and risk awareness.

We have ceramic industry experience preferred.

1、A new material industry outlook

According to China's environmental protection and new materials industry rapid development of relevant research data show: 2015 market capacity will be as high as 100000000000 yuan. Huge market development potential!

2、 joining the location of choice

To provide a shop location analysis, evaluation, so you win at the starting line,

3、staffing requirements

The headquarters provide advice and arrange the number of personnel to be equipped with

4、 to join the financial strength

Operators must have considerable financial strength for the pre shop lease, decoration and the first purchase