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Toco new material

Marketing center:  68 jihua west road,chancheng district, Foshan city .



Production base:Tengxian Zhonghe Centralized District,WuZhou Ceramic Industrial Park,Guangxi



Company Profile

Guangxi Toco Encironmental Protection And New Material Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech joint-stock enterprise integrating environmental management,energy conservation product development and production.

The company has a production base in Tengxian Zhonghe Area of Ceramics Industry Park of Wuzhou City,Guangxi Province,with a total investment of 270 million Yuan,covering an area of 220 mu,planed to set up five modern production lines with an annual output of 6,000,000 ㎡ of foamed ceramic plates.It is the largest foam ceramic tile manufacturer in China.The company will complete the multi-bas development strategic layout as soon as possible based scientific development.

"Environment·Energy saving·Future"are the core values of Toco Company;"Devoting to comprehensive utilization of solid wastes and jointly creating energy-effcient low-carbon life"is the corporate purpose of Toco Company.The company makes use of large quantity of residues generated in ceramic production areas and mining tailings of a variety of mines and other soild wastes to produce environmentally friendly and energy-saving foam ceramic plates,turning wastes into treasures,producting highly efficient and energy-saving products on the one hand and reducing emissions and carrying out environmental governance on the other hand.It practices recycling economy development model and has achieved a win-win situation between human and nature.

Based on the technology of using industrial solid wastes to produce foam ceramic,TOCO has developed nine series of products:Lightweight partition wall panel series,partition and decoration integration panel series,enternal wall exterior thermal insulation series,external wall interior thermal insulation series,thermal insulation and decoration panel series,roof thermal insulation series,desulfurized corrosion-proof brick series,chemical thermal insulation series,lightweight ceramic brick series.